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Jacqueline S. from LONDON wrote on 24 September 2021
Trainers: super comfortable, also look good. Red ankle boots: idiosyncratic, beautiful and very comfortable - good for special occasions.
01425 Babati - Color: 94500 red canvas/suede
Hazel D. from BOURNEMOUTH wrote on 17 July 2021
Sadly, I had to return the trainers, I needed 39 1/2 & they do not come in half sizes.
05882 Field - Color: 20206 light-grey leather
Jane B. from LEISTON wrote on 7 July 2021
Very smart and comfortable shoes.
01230 Linda - Color: 30100 white leather
Dorothy B. from WHITEHORSE wrote on 29 April 2021
I wear the shoes most of the time and the product is well made. I like what the soles are made of. That is important to me.
01230 Linda - Color: 30000 black leather
Victoria P. from ABINGDON wrote on 24 April 2021
The shoes were not ideal, as they have the toe widest point in the centre. My feet have their widest point on the right, for my right foot, and left for my left foot, as the first 3 toes are of equal length.
01230 Linda - Color: 30820 denim leather
Judy H. from CHELTENHAM wrote on 15 April 2021
AsI said, wrong shade of yellow. Quality good but expected as per the cost!
01230 Linda - Color: 30920 ochre leather
Lesley M. from BURY ST. EDMUNDS wrote on 9 April 2021
Very pleased with the quality and style of the trainers.
02125 Mako - Color: 90100 white
Patricia H. from Maribor wrote on 10 February 2021
Nice looking walking shoe in a wide offering of colors. The light grey suede is very pretty. Shoes are comfortable out of the box and well made. True to size.
02327 Vic Summer - Color: 47206 light-grey suede
Lucinda D. from LEEDS wrote on 7 October 2020
The quality of this replacement pair is not as good as my three previous pairs. There are some wrinkles in the covering on the right heel. If I was in store and seeing what I was buying I wouldn't accept this pair,
05901 One - Color: 10840 denim stretch nubuck
Mindy D. from GAINESVILLE wrote on 9 August 2020
I wear these daily with custom orthotics! I have them in four colors!
01230 Linda - Color: 30500 red leather
Amanda L. from NORWICH wrote on 10 July 2020
Great shoes, very comfortable to wear. Removable insoles makes it easy to use orthotics insoles.
01230 Linda - Color: 30500 red leather
Jenny R. from NORWICH wrote on 2 July 2020
I have problems with my feet and find Wolly shoes are the best for them
01230 Linda - Color: 96830 navyblue canvas
Clarissa G. from REDHILL wrote on 19 June 2020
Very comfortable and look well made.
01230 Linda - Color: 30500 red leather
Sheila N. from LLANDYSUL wrote on 13 June 2020
I have got 3 pairs of Wolky sandals/shoes and they are all brilliant for my poor feet, thankyou
02327 Vic Summer - Color: 47840 jeans printed suede
Angela H. from NEWMARKET wrote on 7 June 2020
as i tended to wear trousers most of the time , these shoes are more going out in they are not working shoes at present.
01230 Linda - Color: 30820 denim leather
Gillian R. from GLASGOW wrote on 6 June 2020
I love my Wolky shoes. I’d recommend them to everyone for comfort, but especially to anyone with orthotic insoles.
01230 Linda - Color: 30820 denim leather
Monika B. from OXFORD wrote on 30 May 2020
I recommend these shoes for any woman wanting to be a bit fashionable whilst remaining comfortable. The canvas shoes are well made and high quality.
01230 Linda - Color: 96830 navyblue canvas
Jennifer F. from BALLYCLARE wrote on 27 June 2019
High quality canvas shoes. Extremely comfortable, look super. Would love them in every colour.
01230 Linda - Color: 96000 black canvas
Gill W. from BUNGAY wrote on 11 May 2019
Excellent quality
05802 e-Boot - Color: 11800 blue stretch nubuck
Denise F. from BELPER wrote on 10 May 2019
A casual shoe. I would recommend for anyone whose priority is comfort but also wanting something stylish and up to date.
01230 Linda - Color: 96830 navyblue canvas
from wrote on 10 May 2019
Excellent quality
05802 e-Boot - Color: 11800 blue stretch nubuck
Susan G. from WADEBRIDGE wrote on 11 April 2019
My red canvas shoes are for casual use - I haven't worn them yet as the weather hasn't really been suitable. The fit is true to size so order your usual shoe size. They are comfortable and light, and in this regard I can recommend. I have six other pairs of Wolkey's and can honestly say they are the most comfortable shoe. Would recommend every time. Thank you.
01230 Linda - Color: 96500 red canvas
Heather W. from PULBOROUGH wrote on 2 April 2019
The quality of the shoes is excellent and they have a strong firm sole unlike a lot of canvas shoes.
01230 Linda - Color: 96830 navyblue canvas