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Dawn B. from BOULDER wrote on 10 February 2019
love the booties, you can dress them down or wear them for dress.
08394 Kazan - Color: 59003 black drops leather
Ily P. from SAN DIEGO wrote on 2 February 2019
the quality is perfect and the boots are very comfortable
01732 Bryce - Color: 50020 black-red oiled leather
Jennifer V. from DELAPLANE wrote on 16 January 2019
The Murray boot in Bordeaux does not disappoint! The color is amazing and has just the slightest hint of shimmer in the sun. Gorgeous color and great fit.
04432 Murray - Color: 48510 bordeau suede
Ily P. from SAN DIEGO wrote on 14 January 2019
they are the most comfortable boots I have owned.
01732 Bryce - Color: 50300 brown oiled leather
Erin W. from BELMONT wrote on 10 January 2019
Boots are fabulous!!!!
00952 Winchester - Color: 30430 cognac leather
Keri H. from VANCOUVER wrote on 7 January 2019
Sturdy, good quality boot. Very pleased so far.
01377 Forth - Color: 30732 forest(green) leather
Susan B. from HELSTON wrote on 29 December 2018
The excellent product is perfect fully lined and very stylish very comfortable to wear
04513 Earl - Color: 30430 cognac snakeprint leather
Deidre P. from EDINBURGH wrote on 26 December 2018
I have worn my boots a couple of times since receiving them. They are extremely comfortable feeling and very elegant looking for a casual boot. Completely my style.
02776 Greene - Color: 13800 blue nubuckleather
Diana S. from LONDON wrote on 26 December 2018
Attractive and comfortable, but does not provide as much cushioning under the heel as I had hoped.
00480 Riva - Color: 50300 brown oiled leather
Rachel A. from EAST SANDWICH wrote on 26 December 2018
Excellent quality and fit as expected from Wolky. Happy to find this site-way more options than in a typical US store.
01732 Bryce - Color: 10300 mottled metallic brown leather
Dawn W. from WOKINGHAM wrote on 20 December 2018
Fantastic boots!
04432 Murray - Color: 20510 burgundy leather
Pauline V. from LONDON wrote on 15 December 2018
Beautiful and comfortable boots
00952 Winchester - Color: 50002 black leather
Veronique M. from PORTAGE wrote on 13 December 2018
The color on the picture matches perfectly with the color of the boots. They are comfortable and warm.
02424 Newton - Color: 13505 red nubuckleather
Janic S. from STOUGHTON wrote on 1 December 2018
Super quality They insoles are not cork like my past though. But it is ok
01375 Vecchio - Color: 30302 brown leather
Dee G. from BEWDLEY wrote on 29 November 2018
The boots are so comfortable I intend to wear them a lot. They are also very smart which makes them suitable for any occasion. I would recommend these to anyone.
06601 Walla Walla - Color: 81210 antracite metallic leather
Phyllis P. from NORTH KINGSTOWN wrote on 27 November 2018
Great Quality
06601 Walla Walla - Color: 81210 antracite metallic leather
Lesley P. from HARPENDEN wrote on 13 November 2018
The product is used with jeans for everyday use. Not for hiking but they are great made from very soft leather. They are especially good for sore heels as the inner sole is soft and spongy.
00952 Winchester - Color: 30800 blue leather
mrs Francesca L. from Dublin wrote on 12 November 2018
This review is based on the quality of materials and overall design. Sadly I struggle to wear them as my ortoctics is only partially accomodated.
04513 Earl - Color: 30000 black snakeprint leather
Lesley T. from MANCHESTER wrote on 12 November 2018
Attractive and comfortable
01573 Luna WP - Color: 11302 brown nubuck / Water Proof Warm Lining
Joan J. from ASHBY wrote on 6 November 2018
The sizing was generous, perhaps a little big for one of my feet, but I know one size down would be too small, so I decided to keep them. They were just the look I was seeking. I wore them the day I received them, found them most comfortable and received several unsolicited compliments!
01572 Luna - Color: 11002 black nubuck
Celia T. from WEBSTER wrote on 2 November 2018
Will wear with my jeans and slacks
00952 Winchester - Color: 30430 cognac leather
Hayley W. from SMETHWICK wrote on 21 October 2018
Excellent boots with typical Wolky comfort. All my Wolkys have lasted 8+ years and expect these to be no different
00952 Winchester - Color: 50002 black leather
Margaret M. from BROXBOURNE wrote on 18 October 2018
I have already recommended Wolky. As I am big fan. The style the fit people even stop and ask. Where did you get those boots. Plus summer sandles. Good as new. From year to year. But I’m always tempted,to buy more. The colours are so vibrant. Plus love the red sturdy box.
01732 Bryce - Color: 50800 dark blue oiled leather
Dee G. from BEWDLEY wrote on 11 October 2018
Excellent quality, fit and comfort.
07822 Beryl - Color: 20430 cognac leather
Amanda W. from SIDMOUTH wrote on 20 September 2018
Great boots. Very comfortable to walk in, and accommodate orthotics easily. Excellent service from Wolky, as always.
04513 Earl - Color: 40730 forest (green) suede
Gail B. from BARTON-UPON-HUMBER wrote on 13 September 2018
Attractive, comfortable and suitable for orthotic insoles
04512 Masala - Color: 40310 mid-brown oiled suede
Janet B. from BILLINGSHURST wrote on 8 September 2018
Excellent service
01573 Luna WP - Color: 30001 black leather / Water Proof Warm Lining
Judith V. from KEALBA wrote on 25 June 2018
*** The heel height is perfect for me to wear and not exacerbate a longstanding back condition. ***
00527 Aras - Color: 10150 taupe nubuck
Alison F. from BROMLEY wrote on 5 March 2018
Great boots, quality, fit and style just perfect
01377 Forth - Color: 30002 black leather
Patricia H. from STOCKPORT wrote on 27 February 2018
Very pleased with these boots , in particular the quality of the leather and the lightness.they are suitable for both smart and casual wear.
01752 Galina - Color: 30001 black leather
Amanda W. from SIDMOUTH wrote on 13 February 2018
These boots are stylish and practical. I need to be able to walk a mile or two in my boots, and these are very comfortable and cushioned.
04513 Earl - Color: 30000 black snakeprint leather
Joan F. from ALNWICK wrote on 22 December 2017
I would recommend Wolky shoes for their quality & comfort .
01376 Rialto - Color: 30432 cognac leather
Suzie I. from WILBRAHAM wrote on 22 December 2017
I like the size 37 boots
00553 Tinto - Color: 30430 cognac leather
Helen B. from BIRMINGHAM wrote on 12 December 2017
Excellent quality boot. I’m very impressed. I use orthotic insoles and can use them with this boot. The support in the boot is amazing. I’m looking forward to my next purchase! Thank you
01572 Luna - Color: 11002 black nubuck
Paul C. from IPSWICH wrote on 10 December 2017
04513 Earl - Color: 40310 mid-brown suede
Jude A. from GLOUCESTER wrote on 6 December 2017
Comfortable fit and good quality.
04511 Yunnan - Color: 30430 cognac snake print leather
Lisa A. from TUNBRIDGE WELLS wrote on 23 November 2017
As always well made product, comfortable from the minute you put them and hard wearing as I have had Wolky products from a number of years, and they are still in good order.
04512 Masala - Color: 40000 black oiled suede
Sue S. from WIRRAL wrote on 22 November 2017
very comfortable
00525 Gila - Color: 30000 black polished leather
Efua O. from TWICKENHAM wrote on 31 July 2017
Very comfortable boots that will be great for trousers or dresses, quietly stylish, extremely well made and I just know that they'll become long time favourites
00529 Yarra - Color: 11002 black nubuck
Julia J. from BORDON wrote on 14 March 2017
The ordering process was very easy, and the delivery was prompt. I am very pleased with my Wolky boots, they look good, and are very comfy, and very sturdy. I bought mine because a friend has a pair and recommended them.
00477 Tonala - Color: 50730 forest (green) oiled leather
Susan H. from WESTON-SUPER-MARE wrote on 5 March 2017
Beautifully made. Smart casual boots. So comfortable.
04512 Masala - Color: 40820 denim blue oiled suede
Sarah M. from HARPENDEN wrote on 24 March 2016
Great shoes and perfect fit!
04431 Mason - Color: 20430 cognac leather
Anne F. from STIRLING wrote on 19 January 2016
Quality of boots excellent. Well made, excellent fit, comfortable and hard wearing
00553 Tinto - Color: 30000 black leather
Janet A. from THETFORD wrote on 12 January 2016
This is my second pair of Murray shoes (tan & burgundy). I walk a lot but wanted something a bit smarter than the usual walking type boots because I walk at lunch time when at work. They were comfortable from the minute I put them on. They polish beautifully and I could not be happier with them.
04432 Murray - Color: 20510 burgundy leather
Anne S. from Glasgow wrote on 3 December 2015
Excellent quality
04432 Murray - Color: 20000 black leather
ms Vanessa M. from Exeter wrote on 2 December 2015
Returned as too big for me but a great product.
00477 Tonala - Color: 80430 cognac leather
ms Margaret M. from Cupar wrote on 1 December 2015
I Already have a pair of wolky boots and I find them fashionable and very comfortable and great for walking in.
01732 Bryce - Color: 50000 black oiled leather
mrs Mary M. from Edinburgh wrote on 13 November 2015
The leather was not very soft & the boots were uncomfortable around the ankles. They were very scuffed looking, but I think that this is fashionable.
07740 Shields - Color: 80150 taupe leather
ms Christine A. from Aberdeen wrote on 10 November 2015
product returned - leather finish was not to my taste. The product has a Waxy finish to the leather - not easy to detect in the online photo.
00477 Tonala - Color: 80730 forest (green) leather
Cherry W. from EDINBURGH wrote on 12 October 2015
Thank you for such a wonderful product and superb easy to use and efficient online shopping experience! My local stockist in Edinburgh did not have my size so I ordered a pair of boots direct from yourselves, saving £20 on the price and with the added reassurance of free returns just in case! I placed my order at 18:41 on Friday and the boots had arrived by the following Wednesday at 14:52. The courier you use is excellent (dpd) and was in email contact throughout and arrived within two minutes of the allocated time slot. Fantastic boots, fantastic service, I will definitely shop with you again and tell ALL my friends about my wonderful experience. Thank you *** - Edinburgh
04432 Murray - Color: 90800 dark blue craquelé leather
mrs Kathryn C. from Dublin wrote on 5 October 2015
These are boots. They fit well, look great and are extremely comfortable (as are all Wolky shoes/boots).
00527 Aras - Color: 10220 grey nubuck
Lesley V. from Auchterarder wrote on 28 September 2015
I love these boots. They are very comfortable and I would say true to size. Colour is lovely. I will be wearing with navy but could be worn with black as well.
04432 Murray - Color: 90800 dark blue craquelé leather
Mary T. from Ennis wrote on 20 September 2015
Looking forward to wearing these gorgeous boots all winter! I bought them because I can take out the footbed and put in my own specially made ones. I was sorry to take it out as even that was lovely!
04432 Murray - Color: 20430 cognac leather
Michaela F. from HODDESDON wrote on 17 September 2015
Beautifully made boots, a great fit and a pleasure to wear.
00553 Tinto - Color: 30000 black leather
Nicky P. from EDINBURGH wrote on 15 September 2015
I love the boots but the colour was a bit of a surprise. Forest green to me is a clearer dark green. These boots are more a cross between khaki and olive. In fact, I then purchased some of your olive shoe polish and it's a perfect match.
04432 Murray - Color: 20730 forest (green) leather
Anne F. from STIRLING wrote on 8 August 2015
High quality product Perfect fit Combines style, comfort and robustness. Luxury for my feet!
00477 Tonala - Color: 80000 black leather
Ann F. from Suffolk wrote on 5 August 2015
The boot is beautiful but my feet are too broad for it.
04432 Murray - Color: 20000 black leather
Lynne S. from SOUTHAMPTON wrote on 13 February 2015
I wear these boots all the time, very comfortable.
01658 Jacky - Color: 50000 black oiled leather
mrs Martine C. from PERTH wrote on 3 December 2014
Excellent style & comfort
00557 Blanco - Color: 80000 black ascot leather
Catherine B. from LONDON wrote on 3 December 2014
So comfortable I've bought a second pair - and stylish too
01732 Bryce - Color: 50000 black oiled leather
Christina F. from BICESTER wrote on 20 November 2014
Very lovely, well made and comfortable boots. These will last a long time and be well worn.
00553 Tinto - Color: 30430 cognac leather
Jane C. from LEOMINSTER wrote on 8 November 2014
Wonderful boots, comfortable from the first wear and stylish too. The adjustable leg width is great for slightly wider calves! May treat myself to another pair if a different colour.
00552 Pardo - Color: 80430 cognac ascot leather
Kathryn C. from DORKING wrote on 7 November 2014
I have not had such a comfy pair of boots in years. I have wide feet and have recently had a bunion removed and these are perfect. I now have 2 pairs.
01732 Bryce - Color: 50300 brown oiled leather
Louisa D. from Bristol wrote on 9 September 2014
Oh my! Gorgeous boots such soft leather SO well made. Sadly not wide enough for my feet ;(
04432 Murray - Color: 20430 cognac leather