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Siobhan M. from BRISTOL wrote on 4 June 2018
Excellent quality shoes and great to have found sandals in which I can put my orthotic insoles ***
04703 Move - Color: 93200 grey leather
Johanna A. from BURNLEY wrote on 15 May 2018
Great shoe! Ware them almost daily. Pleasure to put them on and they help me walk with less pain in my knee and back. They don't come cheap, but are worth every penny. Definitely would recommend to family and friends.
04801 Venture - Color: 30128 offwhite leather, blue sole
Catherina R. from SHEPTON MALLET wrote on 30 April 2018
shoes are very comfortable well made and long lasting
04801 Venture - Color: 30900 yellow leather
Bernice A. from AMERSHAM wrote on 10 April 2018
Ultimately I bought *** (red) after sending back Cordoba as the colour did not coordinate well for me. Both shoes are very comfortable, particularly because of the soles and leather lining. ***, being a lace-up suits me best as I walk a lot.
08389 Cordoba - Color: 30350 amber leather
Joan P. from OLDHAM wrote on 26 March 2018
the best shoes ever..told my friends that the quality and styles fantastic
06291 Seamy Cross - Color: 10820 denim blue nubuck
Diane K. from AUCKLAND wrote on 13 March 2018
the fit of the shoes is comfortable and what i expected. The color however, i was a little surprised with - I expected a plain matte grey color but i got a metallic and slightly patterned grey.
04703 Move - Color: 93200 grey leather
Elizabeth H. from SALTASH wrote on 22 October 2017
The product is of good quality
00385 Noble - Color: 30800 blue leather
Margaret D. from SITTINGBOURNE wrote on 9 October 2017
Very pleased with shoes , would recommend to friends
00385 Noble - Color: 30000 black leather
Betty C. from SAINT CLOUD wrote on 19 September 2017
Ran narrow.
01508 Kiowa - Color: 90820 denim blue dots nubuck
Fiona M. from EDINBURGH wrote on 1 July 2017
Great shoe; these were my first pair of Wolky shoes bought 4+ years ago but which needed replaced due to wearing down the sole, so I knew in advance that this purchase would be fine. Although I have several different styles of shoes from the Wolky Comfort range, these (and Roll Move) are my favourite - good to have a roomy toe-box with space to flex and stretch toes. The thick and solid sole of these and several other shoes in the Comfort range is also particularly appreciated by someone with a lot of longstanding injuries - I can't wear any other shoes!
06247 Roll Fever - Color: 90150 taupe dots nubuck
Karen l A. from TEMPE wrote on 13 June 2017
I love the product, I was concerned about the delivery.
08389 Cordoba - Color: 30500 red leather
Hazel W. from NOTTINGHAM wrote on 10 May 2017
05801 e-step - Color: 20000 black leather
Margaret E. from ALBUQUERQUE wrote on 29 April 2017
I would recommend this product to my friends.
07813 Ruby - Color: 10190 champagne nubuck
Pj G. from DROITWICH wrote on 27 March 2017
Love this brand, the best for my feet. Can use my own orthotics and have the perfect shoe for all day wearing. The fit is good, and being adjustable means they can be warn with or without socks.Love the quirky, individual styling of these shoes which goes with trousers or a skirt. And the cushioned soles are heaven for walking on hard surfaces.
06247 Roll Fever - Color: 90820 denim blue dots nubuck
Sylvia S. from BRISTOL wrote on 14 March 2017
Love the shoes, not too sure about the colour wish they were more cream and not gold
07808 Opal - Color: 10190 champagne nubuck
Eleanor C. from TAUNTON wrote on 20 February 2017
These shoes are designed for walking, and they are perfect for that. I use mine everyday as I work in a busy cafe and I am on my feet a great deal. They are roomy enough for people with swollen or extra wide feet to feel comfortable.
06247 Roll Fever - Color: 90070 black dots nubuck
Jennifer L. from BRACKNELL wrote on 1 December 2016
I have three pairs of these shoes, and life would be harder without them. Fabulously comfortable.
06247 Roll Fever - Color: 80120 mottled metallic offwhite leather
Linda V. from STROUD wrote on 1 November 2016
These are great fun shoes! Beautiful quality leather and very high build quality too. Lovely spring in to summer shoe.
01226 Tour - Color: 20430 cognac leather
Karelena M. from GLENROTHES wrote on 2 October 2016
These larger size shoes were for me. However I have already recommended your website to people who use orthotics or have shoe sizes which are harder to source. Plus I have mentioned your return policy which is totally hassle-free.
02026 Rivera - Color: 30130 silver leather
Joannee S. from LOWER HUTT wrote on 1 August 2016
Very comfortable walking shoes
08381 Roman - Color: 10530 coral red nubuck
Gillian C. from BURNABY wrote on 3 July 2016
Great for walking - city and country style. Sturdy sole, great arch support, and easy to get on an off.
04703 Move - Color: 30010 black leather
Fiona M. from EDINBURGH wrote on 1 July 2016
The shoes are wonderful - they, and the other Roll shoes, are the only brand and style which I can wear due to having numerous musculoskeletal problems, and it is as though they have been tailored specifically for my feet as they are so comfortable. I particularly appreciate the timeless, trendy look. I have been wearing Wolky shoes for 3 years now, and expect I will do so for the rest of my life.
06283 Roll Move - Color: 30070 black summer leather
mrs Anne D. from Bristol wrote on 10 February 2016
I returned the first pair as they were too large. The second pair are perfect I love my new shoes.
03811 Silky - Color: 30130 silver leather
mrs Jean C. from Cumbria wrote on 9 February 2016
Comfortable, yet stylish, I love them!
01912 Sopra - Color: 40000 black suede
mr Michael F. from Ballina, Co Mayo wrote on 23 January 2016
top quality shoes,will be telling our friends
06235 Roll Combi 2 - Color: 30870 blue summer leather
Hilary L. from BERKHAMSTED wrote on 18 January 2016
I love these shoes! So comfortable, really support my feet and stylish too.
07813 Ruby - Color: 20500 red leather
Anne W. from SOUTHAMPTON wrote on 14 August 2015
Lovely shoes
06235 Roll Combi 2 - Color: 30870 blue summer leather
miss Helena K. from Merseyside wrote on 3 August 2015
Great fit
04703 Move - Color: 30250 grey leather
Kam W. from Bath wrote on 2 August 2015
Excellent manufacture quality, extremely comfortable and true to size. Very pleasing design...........
01500 Yukon - Color: 30000 black leather
Marie J. from NEW ROCHELLE wrote on 10 July 2015
very comfortable with orthotics
06283 Roll Move - Color: 20070 black leather
mrs Judi B. from TUNBRIDGE WELLS wrote on 3 April 2015
I love the Wolky sandals and shoes that I have purchased over the last 6 years. The pair I have recently bought are the same as ones i bought last year and are wonderful. So comfortable and a stylish design to look at. The essence of good design.
07808 Opal - Color: 20510 burgundy leather
mrs Jane M. from Luccombe, Isle of Wight wrote on 24 December 2014
The shoes are just right
07808 Opal - Color: 20000 black leather
Linda P. from LEEDS wrote on 30 October 2014
size 37 ...
07808 Opal - Color: 90500 red combi leather
Sarah K. from London wrote on 19 August 2014
I just purchased shoes for my personal use.
03450 Sud - Color: 50000 black leather
Miss laura W. from Cranleigh wrote on 2 June 2014
Lovely shoes and well made but had to send them back as they were too big. I'd say order a size smaller than you need.
07808 Opal - Color: 90000 black leather
Patricia H. from STOCKPORT wrote on 5 April 2014
I plan to wear these shoes when we have suitable weather. I had hoped the leather would be softer.
04703 Move - Color: 30070 black summer leather