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Sue G. from BIRMINGHAM wrote on 4 February 2018
Really comfortable shoes made of good quality leather. Removable insoles mean I can wear my orthotics. These shoes can be worn with jeans or dresses. I already own a pair in a different colour and a few pairs of sandals! Wolky are my go to brand of footwear - I just wish someone stocked them north of Watford Gap!!
02050 Nano - Color: 70800 blauw leer
Lisa L. from SERGEANT BLUFF wrote on 27 January 2018
The sizing is correct. Sometimes need a 40 but usually a 39 and in this case the 39 worked. Nice color. I wish it wasn’t so flat. I like just a little lift in my heel.
08125 Artemis - Color: 50730 forest (groen) geolied leer
Cynthia W. from BROOKLYN wrote on 27 January 2018
Nice color and shoe has the wide toe box and removable footbed I was looking for. And came with two sets of laces (thick orangey-brown and thinner brown to match the shoe) -- bonus!
08384 Gallo - Color: 50150 taupe geolied leer
Laurel H. from ARVADA wrote on 23 January 2018
These boots fit comfortably from Day One. I love the quality of the materials, the style, and the workmanship. My feet love the arch support - which is one reason I seek out Wolky footwear products. Worth every penny!
04440 Millstream - Color: 39800 blauw combi leer
Kathie M. from SAINT PAUL wrote on 8 January 2018
I love the quality of your footwear.
05802 e-boot - Color: 20540 winter rood stretch leer
Carolyn B. from WASHINGTON wrote on 27 December 2017
Great quality and comfort. Just a tad narrow. I would recommend this product to friends.
04440 Millstream - Color: 39430 cognac combi leer
Margo W. from LONDON wrote on 26 December 2017
The boots are roomy and well made. They seem to fit well, (I'm looking for comfort and support,) but I have only tried them indoors so far. At first, they feel a little inflexible/hard. Looking for the perfect comfortable fit. Very helpful to gave free returns.
08130 Zeus - Color: 50800 blauw geolied leer
mrs Lynne M. from CHESHIRE wrote on 30 November 2017
I wear these with jeans. They are smarter than trainers but comfortable. Ideal for holidays and weekends and for anyone using orthotics.
01477 Hampton - Color: 60210 antraciet metallic leer
Rene R. from ATHENS wrote on 11 November 2017
The shoes are so comfortable! I had purchased one pair for my oldest daughter, and my younger daughter loved them so much I had to get her a pair too.
04725 Jump winter - Color: 50000 zwart geolied nubuck
Ruth P. from BRADFORD-ON-AVON wrote on 4 November 2017
Great fit, usually I'm a 39 in sandals , but the 40 in boots (with socks!) gives an excellent fit. Light weight and laced front give even more comfort.
04725 Jump winter - Color: 50000 zwart geolied nubuck
Denis O. from NEWPORT wrote on 16 October 2017
Shoes are most comfortable and exactly as expected
04805 Azura - Color: 70100 wit leer
Julie J. from BRIDGWATER wrote on 13 October 2017
I have problem feet and generally wear Wolky boots most of the time. I use orthotics. So far no other brand can compare with Wolky.
04728 Cross Winter - Color: 30540 winter rood leer
Mary D. from THATCHAM wrote on 25 September 2017
I use the boots every day , they help me walk.
04725 Jump winter - Color: 50730 forest (groen) geolied leer
Terry B. from NEW YORK wrote on 9 September 2017
Quality of Wolky shoes, boots and sandals is fabulous. Styling great.
08126 Babylon - Color: 50540 winter rood geolied leer
Rosie S. from FORRES wrote on 26 August 2017
Great quality comfortable fit and eye catching
09457 Alba - Color: 90300 bruin craquelé leer
Sue G. from BIRMINGHAM wrote on 20 August 2017
I use these shoes for work or leisure. They look good with skirts and dresses too. They're incredibly comfortable and take my orthotic insoles. My podiatrist is impressed with Wolky and now recommends the website.
02050 Nano - Color: 90000 zwart mesh bovenwerk
Lindsay H. from HYTHE wrote on 30 July 2017
Very comfortable and great quality. Would recommend to anyone
01625 Dutch - Color: 10120 gebroken wit nubuck
J a D. from HENLEY-ON-THAMES wrote on 27 July 2017
The product is fantastic
01481 Elland - Color: 10210 antraciet metallic leer
Elizabeth G. from HORSHAM wrote on 9 July 2017
Too narrow and womens and mens are unisex - that doesnt work as often mens feet a wider, especially as they age. We will send them back but are worried we wont get the money back.
08100 Kansas - Color: 50300 bruin leer
Susan M. from HEXHAM wrote on 29 June 2017
A great everyday lightweight boot. Just enough of a lift in the heel to stop them being flat. Lovely soft leather - absolutely nothing inside to rub or catch on 'funny' toes. Excellent!
04803 Olympia - Color: 10820 denim blauw nubuck
Shelagh L. from TROON wrote on 22 June 2017
Second pair I have purchased. Wear them constantly
04800 Coral - Color: 80870 blauw leer
Margaret D. from STRATFORD-UPON-AVON wrote on 21 June 2017
I already have a pair of these shoes in the same style, different colour, which I bought in Germany. They are constantly admired and are the most comfortable shoes I own. I'm only sorry there is not a Wolky stockist near me.
04701 Fly - Color: 70570 rood zomer leer
Susan L. from PENZANCE wrote on 2 May 2017
Nice looking shoe arrived prompltly,but to tight across the toes and not improving wth wear
01227 Giro - Color: 30400 naturel leer
Amy J. from FITCHBURG wrote on 1 May 2017
Very well made shoes!
01225 Biker - Color: 30400 naturel leer
Sheila J. from AMBLER wrote on 18 April 2017
Color is as advertised, the fit is good, and--best of all--these walking shoes are so comfortable.
06286 Seamy Stroll - Color: 30210 antraciet leer
Barbara P. from SISTERS wrote on 12 April 2017
Very comfortable to walk in. Thank you for making a walking shoe that is also stylish!
03818 Dusky Winter - Color: 50010 zwart geolied leer
Alison B. from BOGNOR REGIS wrote on 4 April 2017
These are very well made, attractive and comfortable. They do show water marks, but perhaps that's to be expected of nubuck - I would have preferred plain leather.
01570 Sena - Color: 10800 donkerblauw geolied nubuck
Camilla H. from SIDMOUTH wrote on 28 February 2017
Very pleased with shoes
01225 Biker - Color: 30840 jeans blauw leer
Sue W. from YORK wrote on 16 February 2017
Lovely shoes, excellent quality and very comfortable!
06216 Roll Shoe - Color: 30000 zwart leer
Anna F. from LONDON wrote on 14 February 2017
I bought these boots last autumn and have hardly had them off my feet! They are really comfortable, good quality and look great. Like them so much that I bought another pair in a different colour!
01574 Bello - Color: 10000 zwart nubuck
Penelope G. from HARLOW wrote on 11 February 2017
Very good quality short boots, only let down by the hardness of the sole underneath the removable insoles. Shouldn't bother anyone who doesn't need orthotics, though, or who has full-length well-cushioned orthotics.
07252 Madera - Color: 50150 taupe geolied leer
Julie J. from BRIDGWATER wrote on 30 January 2017
Ecellent product and very prompt service. Many thanks. ***
06253 Seamy Moc - Color: 30000 zwart leer
Andrea G. from GLASGOW wrote on 27 January 2017
Great shoes, I buy them for nearly 20 years, no need to try / buy other brand
01657 Diana - Color: 50000 zwart geolied leer
Catherine C. from ST. NEOTS wrote on 25 January 2017
I use the shoes daily and the quality is excellentl. The shoes give very good support and are very well made.
06216 Roll Shoe - Color: 30510 bordeaux leer
Brian e T. from LOWESTOFT wrote on 18 January 2017
Every day wear. Excellent quality. Would refer them to anyone.
04826 Sensation - Color: 50500 rood geolied leer
Jane I. from NEWPORT wrote on 7 January 2017
Excellent quality
07251 Sacramento - Color: 50000 zwart geolied leer
Anna F. from LONDON wrote on 1 December 2016
Lovely grey colour, so comfortable and rather unusual shape- people often comment on them!
01574 Bello - Color: 10220 grijs nubuck
Marion K. from Kilkenny wrote on 1 December 2016
very comfortable shoes
05800 e-walk - Color: 20510 bordeaux nubuck
mrs Anna S. from LOOE wrote on 2 November 2016
comfertable and good quality
01225 Biker - Color: 20700 licht groen leer
Margaret G. from Lewisburg wrote on 1 November 2016
The toe box is a bit snug, but seems to be comfortable after walking a bit. I have worn these only 3=4 times as yet.
04800 Coral - Color: 80870 blauw leer
Stephanie P. from MELTON MOWBRAY wrote on 1 November 2016
I have covered miles and miles in this excellent quality comfortable shoe, which has received a lot of praise for it's good looks. It always looks good-as-new with a little inexpensive care. I wear it all day and have found it suitable for every occasion from simply walking, to travelling & wearing all day through to dining & drinks at the end of the day! Good looking and comfortable, I definitely recommend to other customers and have done so to my friends. Thank you Wolkyshop!
02050 Nano - Color: 90200 grijs mesh bovenwerk
dr Catherine H. from LONDON wrote on 1 November 2016
These looked great but were too stiff and narrow for my feet. I struggled to get my orthotics in. A shame because they looked great and stylish.
05025 Daylight - Color: 60210 antraciet lakleer
Christopher K. from SHREWSBURY wrote on 1 October 2016
Very high quality shoes. Extremely comfortable as well as being stylish.
01225 Biker - Color: 90140 goud metallic leer
mrs Anthea C. from Brentford wrote on 10 June 2016
Comfortable and hardwearing
06287 Seamy Range - Color: 30000 zwart leer
gwyneth Gwyneth C. from Berriew wrote on 3 June 2016
Shoes arrived promptly. Great colour and butter soft leather make them easy on the feet. So comfortable and stylish. Great for days out shopping or a walk in the country. Very versatile. Would love a few more pairs in different colours.
01225 Biker - Color: 20530 koraal rood leer
Eugenie P. from Belmont. MA wrote on 1 June 2016
Great shoes for casual walking. Great styling.
01225 Biker - Color: 20550 oranje leer
mrs Linda C. from Winkleigh, Devon wrote on 1 June 2016
I bought the city slicker boots for a trip to Polland in October. I wanted a product that would look good in wine bars and would support my body in comfort walking around as I have slipped a disk recently and I have found Wolky shoes to be light yet very effective at cushioning the step. The boots are no exception - Well done Wolky! I can also wear Wolky shoes without any wearing in - They are comfortable from opening the box!
06500 City Tracker - Color: 30300 bruin leer
Patricia H. from STOCKPORT wrote on 4 May 2016
Leisure wear anyone who likes comfortable shoes very pleased with Fly winter
04726 Fly winter - Color: 90000 zwart craquelé leer
Deborah R. from WOODBRIDGE wrote on 1 May 2016
I find the Wolky brand of shoes to be comfy,long lasting, well made and unique and I have been wearing this brand for the last fifteen years or so. They are my go to brand for summer sandals which I can wear all day long for walking around shops, tourist sites etc.
01225 Biker - Color: 20760 turquoise leer
Ruth S. from CAMBRIDGE wrote on 10 April 2016
The snake skin finish wasn't right for me but I have these Biker shoes navy leather and they are really comfortable and excellent quality. They look fabulous with jeans and leggings and receive many compliments.
01225 Biker - Color: 60150 taupe slangenprint leer
Sarah M. from HARPENDEN wrote on 24 March 2016
These were lovely just slightly too tight
01225 Biker - Color: 20820 denim leer
Susan M. from HEXHAM wrote on 20 March 2016
Great comfortable, fashionable boots for a good price. Unfortunately I had to return them as the seams were on top of my 'funny' toes. I should have checked first.
01225 Biker - Color: 20820 denim leer
Thomas S. from TROON wrote on 8 March 2016
Great quality, most comfortable, would definately recommend.
01481 Elland - Color: 40620 goud metallic leer
Jacky S. from STRANRAER wrote on 23 February 2016
These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had, both casual styles and smarter ones. They are very well made with excellent cushioning in the soles for the casual ones.
08387 Milton - Color: 30890 blauw leer
mrs Anne D. from Bristol wrote on 10 February 2016
The quality is good. They were not Silver enough for me. They were too large and I returned them
02025 Calama - Color: 30130 zilver leer
mrs Eileen C. from PERTHSHIRE wrote on 6 February 2016
Lovely shoe ,colour quite dark. Not sure if I will keep it at the moment
05310 Amalfi - Color: 10800 donkerblauw metallic gemêleerd leer
dominique Mrs F. from SWANSEA wrote on 21 January 2016
Use them daily really comfortable.
08387 Milton - Color: 10000 zwart nubuck
Mirjam S. from NORWICH wrote on 5 January 2016
Quality of product is excellent, my daughter wants a pair and I would like a pair in every colour!
01225 Biker - Color: 20430 cognac leer
mrs Ann M. from County AntrimNorthern Ireland wrote on 4 January 2016
the shoes are a beautiful colour and very comfortable also will be shopping again with Wolky
04701 Fly - Color: 20500 rood leer
Linda V. from STROUD wrote on 3 January 2016
LOVE them!! picked the wrong size in error at first, but re read your guidance and corrected to a bigger size. They are so comfortable.
06310 Havana - Color: 80920 oker leer
Catherine C. from ST. NEOTS wrote on 1 January 2016
Beautiful product, very good quality
07213 Rolling Shoe - Color: 50300 bruin leer
Jacqueline M. from Rotherham wrote on 1 December 2015
The shoes are very comfortable. Would recommend them to everyone.
04726 Fly winter - Color: 50520 rood-grijs geolied nubuck
Gill S. from STREET, SOMERSET wrote on 1 November 2015
very well made and great funky design and very comfy too Bought because i need to wear orthotics and these have removable insoles which can accommodate my problem feet a great buy for everyday
01685 Naomi - Color: 50000 zwart geolied leer
Constance C. from Statesboro wrote on 19 October 2015
They're good shoes; I was just disappointed in the color.
04726 Fly winter - Color: 50880 petrol (blauw) geolied leer
mrs Hazel D. from Linlithgow wrote on 16 October 2015
Great quality and very comfortable even with my orthotics. I would recommend to everyone
01730 Denali - Color: 50800 donkerblauw geolied leer
Jean B. from IPSWICH wrote on 16 October 2015
Very good service, would use again
06216 Roll Shoe - Color: 30510 bordeaux leer
Catherine M. from PEEBLES wrote on 1 October 2015
Great with skinny jeans and might even look good with a skirt but not tried yet. Due to the dark green sole almost had a green tinge to them.
08384 Gallo - Color: 10220 grijs nubuck
mrs Diana L. from EXMOUTH wrote on 1 October 2015
Good service and very comfortable ankle boots.I would especially recommend them to fellow osteo arthritis sufferers.
06287 Seamy Range - Color: 10800 donkerblauw nubuck
ms Jill W. from London wrote on 18 September 2015
Fit perfectly and look great
09451 Cardiff - Color: 20000 zwart leer
mrs Ann W. from WORTHING wrote on 10 September 2015
I have fairly large feet and a high instep, but these boots fitted like a dream. Delighted with them.
08384 Gallo - Color: 10430 cognac nubuck
Joanna L. from croyde wrote on 1 September 2015
lovely shoes, unfortunately they didn't fit my orthotic insoles so had to return them
08388 Italic - Color: 10430 cognac nubuck
mrs Paula E. from HEREFORD wrote on 14 August 2015
Great styling for all ages, lovely leather, truly comfortable.
01225 Biker - Color: 20430 cognac leer
mrs Ruth D. from CHELTENHAM wrote on 11 August 2015
The shoes/boots purchased from Wolky are both comfortable, well made and funky. Shoes to wear everyday.
01739 Yellowstone - Color: 50000 zwart geolied leer
Kate S. from KENDAL wrote on 9 August 2015
love them
01225 Biker - Color: 20820 denim leer
Amanda D. from Plymouth wrote on 24 July 2015
I had the biker boots and would definately recommend them to my friends who I will be seeing this weekend. I chose them for the great design and easy zip access.
01225 Biker - Color: 20820 denim leer
Christine B. from Telscombe Cliffs, Peacehaven wrote on 20 June 2015
These fitted like a glove - leather is lovely and soft and they are a real pleasure to wear - nice sturdy soles amd I would imagine will give years of happy walking!
04701 Fly - Color: 20890 vintage blauw leer
Ann H. from Wymondham wrote on 2 April 2015
Used for walking. High quality and very robust.
06216 Roll Shoe - Color: 30000 zwart leer
Maria P. from Girona wrote on 16 March 2015
All ok
01225 Biker - Color: 20500 rood leer
Karen M. from great neck wrote on 17 January 2015
haven't worn them yet but like the seamy products
06286 Seamy Stroll - Color: 30870 blauw leer
Ariana A. from Brooklyn, New York wrote on 16 December 2014
Great shoes, super comfy.
04727 Dive Winter - Color: 20240 antraciet-bordeaux leer
Marie-jose O. from BATH wrote on 15 December 2014
I would recommend the boots to anyone who needs good support. The quality is always first class. The design appealing. Also I have recently had some orthotics made and they fit beautifully in my boots and sandals. BUT shipping costs are too high!
04350 Varosa - Color: 50010 zwart curry geolied leer
Jill L. from Surrey wrote on 10 November 2014
I will be wearing my boots to work. Question: my boots are suede; is that how you define oiled leather? Not sure if I received the right boot but will keep them.
01657 Diana - Color: 50000 zwart geolied leer
miss Helena K. from Merseyside wrote on 13 October 2014
Very comfortable, would like to buy more.
04701 Fly - Color: 20430 cognac leer
Muriel K. from OMAGH wrote on 8 October 2014
I would recommend the shoe/boot to my friends and I hope to wear it lots
04728 Cross Winter - Color: 20010 zwart curry leer
Janis D. from HAVERFORDWEST wrote on 27 September 2014
Excellent quality very soft leather Lovely colour too
04727 Dive Winter - Color: 20220 smog leer
Jennifer M. from BOURNE wrote on 26 August 2014
*** was most helpful, during the 2 telephone conversations. The web site needs to be altered to cater for UK addresses. The "company name" did not show on the label on the packet, so that my parcel was addressed to me by name and then the street! This meant that it was returned to the Post Office. I was able to trace it thanks to *** help. However, unless this is sorted out, you will have unhappy UK customers. The order of the components of an address in the UK is as in the following example: ***
04726 Fly winter - Color: 50000 zwart geolied nubuck
mrs Caroline C. from LONDON wrote on 3 August 2014
Very comfortable.
04701 Fly - Color: 20910 corn (geel) leer
miss Maria M. from Northwood, IOW wrote on 26 July 2014
Good quality shoes
08361 Mokola - Color: 50000 zwart leer
Rebecca K. from DISS wrote on 15 May 2014
I have many pairs of Wolky footwear; they are extremely comfortable, and very good quality. Some of my shoes I`ve had for many years, and they are still going strong! I never wear any other shoes or boots.
06200 Roll Moc - Color: 30150 taupe leer