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Suzanne B. from SHEFFORD wrote on 19 February 2019
Brilliant and very comfortable and very well made.
03818 Dusky Winter - Color: 50300 brown olied leather
Ela N. from LONDON wrote on 22 January 2019
Easy to wear, one of the only weman boots that doesnt squeez your big toe and looks elegant! Love it.
07256 Bakersfield - Color: 40800 blue suede
Jennifer V. from DELAPLANE wrote on 16 January 2019
The Murray boot in Bordeaux does not disappoint! The color is amazing and has just the slightest hint of shimmer in the sun. Gorgeous color and great fit.
04432 Murray - Color: 48510 bordeau suede
J C. from BEVERLEY wrote on 14 January 2019
I would have awarded five stars if the foot bed had been softer.
04826 Sensation - Color: 30001 black leather
Linda T. from HEXHAM wrote on 12 January 2019
These shoes are very comfortable, supportive and beautifully made. The wolky service is excellent and efficient. Highly recommended.
03818 Dusky Winter - Color: 50300 brown olied leather
Keri H. from VANCOUVER wrote on 7 January 2019
Sturdy, good quality boot. Very pleased so far.
01377 Forth - Color: 30732 forest(green) leather
Lorraine W. from ELY wrote on 22 December 2018
First order, from great value sale. Excellent fit, comfortable and look good. Versatile boot.
07252 Madera - Color: 11802 blue oiled nubuck
Dawn W. from WOKINGHAM wrote on 20 December 2018
Fantastic boots!
04432 Murray - Color: 20510 burgundy leather
Veronique M. from PORTAGE wrote on 13 December 2018
I simply love those shoes. I had the black version and could not miss buying the cognac version. If there would be a nice dark grey and or red wine color models that were to be perfect.
04438 Murray CW - Color: 20430 cognac leather / Cold Winter Warm Lining
Meg M. from SWINDON wrote on 30 November 2018
It’s like getting my mojo back. For years I have suffered from fallen arches and had to take painkillers on days out. These boots are amazing and give me such good support that I have been able to ditch my insoles when I wear them. Bought a second pair and enjoying being pain-free on my walks again.
03816 Dusky Winter CW - Color: 50300 brown oiled leather
Dee G. from BEWDLEY wrote on 29 November 2018
The boots are so comfortable I intend to wear them a lot. They are also very smart which makes them suitable for any occasion. I would recommend these to anyone.
06601 Walla Walla - Color: 81210 antracite metallic leather
Phyllis P. from NORTH KINGSTOWN wrote on 27 November 2018
Great Quality
06601 Walla Walla - Color: 81210 antracite metallic leather
Wendy S. from EXETER wrote on 9 November 2018
I wear this Wolky boot almost all the time as it’s absolutely great for walking and with my orthotics. Good to look at and very comfortable.
04727 Dive Winter - Color: 20220 smog leather
Meg M. from SWINDON wrote on 8 November 2018
I discovered Wolky many years ago and have worn their Jewel sandals for years. I have just purchased these boots and find I don’t need to wear insoles for fallen arches in them because of the way Wolky shoes support your feet. No pain anymore and a bounce back in my step.
03818 Dusky Winter - Color: 50300 brown olied leather
Rebecca K. from DISS wrote on 22 October 2018
I have several pairs of this style, in different colours. They are really comfortable - you can walk miles in them! I wear them all year round.
06242 Roll Shoot - Color: 11732 forest(green) oiled nubuck
Jan H. from YORK wrote on 19 October 2018
Perfect fit. Winter boots, smart yet casual too.
05802 e-boot - Color: 20540 winter red stretch leather
Donna G. from LEOLA wrote on 19 October 2018
These shoes look rugged but still have enough style to be able to dress them up a bit. Great with jeans also with leggings. I haven't tried yet but I think also the right kind of skirt would work too. Cute detailing...great color choices.
04725 Jump winter - Color: 59730 forestgreen leather
Nicola T. from NORWICH wrote on 17 October 2018
Great quality, they last and last and being able to buy new inner soles is so good, it really helps with longevity and comfort
04444 Murray XW - Color: 20000 black leather
Averil N. from MIDDLESBROUGH wrote on 13 October 2018
I order Wolkyy shoes because I want good support for my feet, knees and hips. I like walking or cycling instead of driving.
05802 e-boot - Color: 84280 metall stretch suede
Patricia C. from READING wrote on 10 October 2018
Good quality well represented on line.
06602 Onani - Color: 11430 cognac nubuck
Linda S. from LONDON wrote on 9 October 2018
Great shoes, lovely colour. Wish more styles came in navy blue, especially leather instead of nubuck. Wolky shoes last for years and are really good for problem feet like mine. Shoes are stylish, well-made and suit any age group.
06253 Seamy Moc - Color: 81800 blue metallic leather
Martha R. from PEARLAND wrote on 28 September 2018
Good shoes for walking for those who have removable orthotics. They really provide good support with a stretch leather surface which conforms to my foot.
05802 e-boot - Color: 20809 blue stretch leather
Elaine H. from FALKIRK wrote on 7 August 2018
The five stars says it all. Excellent product excellent service
04725 Jump winter - Color: 59530 oxblood leather
Julie J. from BRIDGWATER wrote on 28 May 2018
I love these boots. This is my second pair. ***
04728 Cross Winter - Color: 30540 winter red leather
Alison F. from BROMLEY wrote on 9 April 2018
I would recommend Wolky shoes for anyone but the big plus for me is that I have very long narrow feet so finding comfortable shoes that are big enough but without the width is always tricky.
08130 Zeus - Color: 50800 blue oiled leather
Penelope S. from ALRESFORD wrote on 9 March 2018
Great shoes, well made.
08130 Zeus - Color: 50800 blue oiled leather
Sarah J. from LONDON wrote on 6 March 2018
Love my boots Fit perfectly Snapoed my achilles 10 yrs ago and wolky shoes provide The comfort support for my legs them i love wolky shies
04725 Jump winter - Color: 50540 winter red oiled leather
Alison F. from BROMLEY wrote on 5 March 2018
Great boots, quality, fit and style just perfect
01377 Forth - Color: 30002 black leather
Patricia H. from STOCKPORT wrote on 27 February 2018
Very pleased with these boots , in particular the quality of the leather and the lightness.they are suitable for both smart and casual wear.
01752 Galina - Color: 30001 black leather
Kathie M. from SAINT PAUL wrote on 8 January 2018
I love the quality of your footwear.
05802 e-boot - Color: 20540 winter red stretch leather
Carolyn B. from WASHINGTON wrote on 27 December 2017
Great quality and comfort. Just a tad narrow. I would recommend this product to friends.
04440 Millstream - Color: 39430 cognac combi leather
Margo W. from LONDON wrote on 26 December 2017
The boots are roomy and well made. They seem to fit well, (I'm looking for comfort and support,) but I have only tried them indoors so far. At first, they feel a little inflexible/hard. Looking for the perfect comfortable fit. Very helpful to gave free returns.
08130 Zeus - Color: 50800 blue oiled leather
mrs Lynne M. from CHESHIRE wrote on 30 November 2017
I wear the boots every day. They are very comfortable. I wear orthotics so these are are ideal as they have removable insoles and are slightly wider. I have a pair of Wolky boots which I bought eight years ago and they still look smart when polished. These leather boots look almost identical which is why I chose them. If you want boots that look smart but are comfortable, these are perfect.
07821 Zircon - Color: 20000 black leather
Rene R. from ATHENS wrote on 11 November 2017
The shoes are so comfortable! I had purchased one pair for my oldest daughter, and my younger daughter loved them so much I had to get her a pair too.
04725 Jump winter - Color: 50000 black oiled nubuck
Ruth P. from BRADFORD-ON-AVON wrote on 4 November 2017
Great fit, usually I'm a 39 in sandals , but the 40 in boots (with socks!) gives an excellent fit. Light weight and laced front give even more comfort.
04725 Jump winter - Color: 50000 black oiled nubuck
Julie J. from BRIDGWATER wrote on 13 October 2017
I have problem feet and generally wear Wolky boots most of the time. I use orthotics. So far no other brand can compare with Wolky.
04728 Cross Winter - Color: 30540 winter red leather
Rebecca K. from DISS wrote on 7 October 2017
The shoes are very good quality, in fact I have several pairs in different colours. They are really comfortable. I wear them all the time.
06242 Roll Shoot - Color: 11332 mocca nubuck
Susan M. from HEXHAM wrote on 29 June 2017
A great everyday lightweight boot. Just enough of a lift in the heel to stop them being flat. Lovely soft leather - absolutely nothing inside to rub or catch on 'funny' toes. Excellent!
04803 Olympia - Color: 10820 denim blue nubuck
Barbara P. from SISTERS wrote on 12 April 2017
Very comfortable to walk in. Thank you for making a walking shoe that is also stylish!
03818 Dusky Winter - Color: 50010 black oiled leather
Julia J. from BORDON wrote on 14 March 2017
The ordering process was very easy, and the delivery was prompt. I am very pleased with my Wolky boots, they look good, and are very comfy, and very sturdy. I bought mine because a friend has a pair and recommended them.
00477 Tonala - Color: 50730 forest (green) oiled leather
Mary D. from THATCHAM wrote on 5 March 2017
As I have Lupus these are the best boots l have found, especially as I wear them all the time .
06242 Roll Shoot - Color: 90800 dark blue nubuck
Penelope G. from HARLOW wrote on 11 February 2017
Very good quality short boots, only let down by the hardness of the sole underneath the removable insoles. Shouldn't bother anyone who doesn't need orthotics, though, or who has full-length well-cushioned orthotics.
07252 Madera - Color: 50150 taupe oiled leather
Julie J. from BRIDGWATER wrote on 30 January 2017
Ecellent product and very prompt service. Many thanks. ***
06253 Seamy Moc - Color: 30000 black leather
Andrea G. from GLASGOW wrote on 27 January 2017
Great shoes, I buy them for nearly 20 years, no need to try / buy other brand
01657 Diana - Color: 50000 black oiled leather
Brian e T. from NEAR LOWESTOFT wrote on 18 January 2017
Every day wear. Excellent quality. Would refer them to anyone.
04826 Sensation - Color: 50500 red oiled leather
Jane I. from NEWPORT wrote on 7 January 2017
Excellent quality
07251 Sacramento - Color: 50000 black oiled leather
mrs Linda C. from Winkleigh, Devon wrote on 1 June 2016
I bought the city slicker boots for a trip to Polland in October. I wanted a product that would look good in wine bars and would support my body in comfort walking around as I have slipped a disk recently and I have found Wolky shoes to be light yet very effective at cushioning the step. The boots are no exception - Well done Wolky! I can also wear Wolky shoes without any wearing in - They are comfortable from opening the box!
06500 City Tracker - Color: 30300 brown leather
ms Marion H. from Glasgow wrote on 1 March 2016
Very soft leather boots,for everyday use. They are extremely comfortable, look stylish and have a good sole for winter walking.
04728 Cross Winter - Color: 20800 dark blue leather
Janet A. from THETFORD wrote on 12 January 2016
This is my second pair of Murray shoes (tan & burgundy). I walk a lot but wanted something a bit smarter than the usual walking type boots because I walk at lunch time when at work. They were comfortable from the minute I put them on. They polish beautifully and I could not be happier with them.
04432 Murray - Color: 20510 burgundy leather
Anne S. from Glasgow wrote on 3 December 2015
Excellent quality
04432 Murray - Color: 20000 black leather
ms Vanessa M. from Exeter wrote on 2 December 2015
Returned as too big for me but a great product.
00477 Tonala - Color: 80430 cognac leather
ms Christine A. from Aberdeen wrote on 10 November 2015
product returned - leather finish was not to my taste. The product has a Waxy finish to the leather - not easy to detect in the online photo.
00477 Tonala - Color: 80730 forest (green) leather
ms Elizabeth E. from GLASGOW wrote on 9 November 2015
I wear as a casual/smart shoe which I can wear to work. Quality of product is excellent as was range of choice. Great to wear with no period of breaking in.
04728 Cross Winter - Color: 20560 brick (red) leather
Cherry W. from EDINBURGH wrote on 12 October 2015
Thank you for such a wonderful product and superb easy to use and efficient online shopping experience! My local stockist in Edinburgh did not have my size so I ordered a pair of boots direct from yourselves, saving £20 on the price and with the added reassurance of free returns just in case! I placed my order at 18:41 on Friday and the boots had arrived by the following Wednesday at 14:52. The courier you use is excellent (dpd) and was in email contact throughout and arrived within two minutes of the allocated time slot. Fantastic boots, fantastic service, I will definitely shop with you again and tell ALL my friends about my wonderful experience. Thank you *** - Edinburgh
04432 Murray - Color: 90800 dark blue craquelé leather
Lesley V. from Auchterarder wrote on 28 September 2015
I love these boots. They are very comfortable and I would say true to size. Colour is lovely. I will be wearing with navy but could be worn with black as well.
04432 Murray - Color: 90800 dark blue craquelé leather
Julie J. from BRIDGWATER wrote on 24 September 2015
06242 Roll Shoot - Color: 90800 dark blue nubuck
Mary T. from Ennis wrote on 20 September 2015
Looking forward to wearing these gorgeous boots all winter! I bought them because I can take out the footbed and put in my own specially made ones. I was sorry to take it out as even that was lovely!
04432 Murray - Color: 20430 cognac leather
Marie-jose O. from BATH wrote on 19 September 2015
Great for me as I have big feet . I use my personal insets, designed by my Foot doctor.
06242 Roll Shoot - Color: 90310 mid-brown nubuck
ms Jill W. from London wrote on 18 September 2015
Fit perfectly and look great
09451 Cardiff - Color: 20000 black leather
Nicky P. from EDINBURGH wrote on 15 September 2015
I love the boots but the colour was a bit of a surprise. Forest green to me is a clearer dark green. These boots are more a cross between khaki and olive. In fact, I then purchased some of your olive shoe polish and it's a perfect match.
04432 Murray - Color: 20730 forest (green) leather
Karen S. from EAST LINTON wrote on 17 August 2015
Boots very comfortable and great for a day out walking the city.
04725 Jump winter - Color: 50800 dark blue oiled leather
Anne F. from STIRLING wrote on 8 August 2015
High quality product Perfect fit Combines style, comfort and robustness. Luxury for my feet!
00477 Tonala - Color: 80000 black leather
Ann F. from Suffolk wrote on 5 August 2015
The boot is beautiful but my feet are too broad for it.
04432 Murray - Color: 20000 black leather
Rebecca K. from DISS wrote on 26 June 2015
I already have a few pairs of this model - they are very good quality, and really comfortable.
06242 Roll Shoot - Color: 90800 dark blue nubuck
Ariana A. from Brooklyn, New York wrote on 16 December 2014
Great shoes, super comfy.
04727 Dive Winter - Color: 20240 anthracite-bordeaux leather
Jill L. from Surrey wrote on 10 November 2014
I will be wearing my boots to work. Question: my boots are suede; is that how you define oiled leather? Not sure if I received the right boot but will keep them.
01657 Diana - Color: 50000 black oiled leather
Robert B. from EDINBURGH wrote on 14 October 2014
Shoes are excellent with only frustration being wolky not found in many uk shops
04725 Jump winter - Color: 50680 aubergine oiled leather
Muriel K. from OMAGH wrote on 8 October 2014
I would recommend the shoe/boot to my friends and I hope to wear it lots
04728 Cross Winter - Color: 20010 black curry leather
Kate T. from TORQUAY wrote on 6 October 2014
I walk every day, in summer in the 'Tulip Sandles'. in winter in these '6500 City Tracker'. the quality is superb. very well made and gorgeous, I highly recommend WOLKY
06500 City Tracker - Color: 10800 dark blue nubuck
Janis D. from HAVERFORDWEST wrote on 27 September 2014
Excellent quality very soft leather Lovely colour too
04727 Dive Winter - Color: 20220 smog leather
Charlotte H. from HEXHAM wrote on 26 September 2014
I have wide feet and my Wolky Jump Winter boots are very comfortable. They are well designed, well made and quirkily good looking. The oiled leather is beautiful and they come in a gorgeous range of colours. I can't stop looking at my feet and admiring these lovely boots. I love them. If the only shoes I could have were Wolky, I would be very happy!
04725 Jump winter - Color: 50680 aubergine oiled leather
Louisa D. from Bristol wrote on 9 September 2014
Oh my! Gorgeous boots such soft leather SO well made. Sadly not wide enough for my feet ;(
04432 Murray - Color: 20430 cognac leather
Catherine C. from ST. NEOTS wrote on 1 September 2014
The shoes are beautifully made with nice thick soles so you cannot feel the stones as you walk. The leather is soft and the shores very comfortable.
04732 Kick Winter - Color: 20510 burgundy leather
miss Maria M. from Northwood, IOW wrote on 26 July 2014
Good quality shoes
08361 Mokola - Color: 50000 black leather
Linda S. from Metuchen wrote on 19 July 2014
Will wear these for city walking vacations. Comfortable, well made, stylish---just the right amount of slightly geeky chic.
04732 Kick Winter - Color: 20510 burgundy leather