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Susan B. from HELSTON wrote on 29 December 2018
The excellent product is perfect fully lined and very stylish very comfortable to wear
04513 Earl - Color: 30430 cognac snakeprint leather
Pauline V. from LONDON wrote on 15 December 2018
Lovely boots
08062 Atasu - Color: 34000 black leather with suede
mrs Francesca L. from Dublin wrote on 12 November 2018
This review is based on the quality of materials and overall design. Sadly I struggle to wear them as my ortoctics is only partially accomodated.
04513 Earl - Color: 30000 black snakeprint leather
Amanda W. from SIDMOUTH wrote on 20 September 2018
Great boots. Very comfortable to walk in, and accommodate orthotics easily. Excellent service from Wolky, as always.
04513 Earl - Color: 40730 forest (green) suede
Judith V. from KEALBA wrote on 25 June 2018
*** The heel height is perfect for me to wear and not exacerbate a longstanding back condition. ***
00527 Aras - Color: 10150 taupe nubuck
Amanda W. from SIDMOUTH wrote on 13 February 2018
These boots are stylish and practical. I need to be able to walk a mile or two in my boots, and these are very comfortable and cushioned.
04513 Earl - Color: 30000 black snakeprint leather
Suzie I. from WILBRAHAM wrote on 22 December 2017
I like the size 37 boots
00553 Tinto - Color: 30430 cognac leather
Paul C. from IPSWICH wrote on 10 December 2017
04513 Earl - Color: 40310 mid-brown suede
Anne F. from STIRLING wrote on 19 January 2016
Quality of boots excellent. Well made, excellent fit, comfortable and hard wearing
00553 Tinto - Color: 30000 black leather
mrs Kathryn C. from Dublin wrote on 5 October 2015
These are boots. They fit well, look great and are extremely comfortable (as are all Wolky shoes/boots).
00527 Aras - Color: 10220 grey nubuck
Michaela F. from HODDESDON wrote on 17 September 2015
Beautifully made boots, a great fit and a pleasure to wear.
00553 Tinto - Color: 30000 black leather
Christina F. from BICESTER wrote on 20 November 2014
Very lovely, well made and comfortable boots. These will last a long time and be well worn.
00553 Tinto - Color: 30430 cognac leather
Jane C. from LEOMINSTER wrote on 8 November 2014
Wonderful boots, comfortable from the first wear and stylish too. The adjustable leg width is great for slightly wider calves! May treat myself to another pair if a different colour.
00552 Pardo - Color: 80430 cognac ascot leather