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Victoria J. from TREORCHY wrote on 9 September 2021
Excellent quality, so comfortable for walking and day to day wear. Perfect fit, true to size and fits wider foot. I really struggle to find shoes as I have tiny feet (size3) a high instep and wide feet. Wolkey shoes and sandals fit perfectly. Superb quality, these will be a favourite for a long time
02778 Stowe - Color: 30100 white leather
Jeanie U. from CHICAGO wrote on 21 August 2021
The sandal is wonderfully constructed and easy to wear - adjustable with the velcro closures. Yes I would recommend to anyone - the service was excellent. I will wear the sandals anywhere I can.
03925 Lisse - Color: 35526 scarlet-red leather
Grace C. from ALBUQUERQUE wrote on 18 August 2021
excellent quality, but I can't use them. I deeply appreciate the smooth return process, and will try again!
00401 Tsunami - Color: 02150 taupe biocare
Mary F. from LONDON wrote on 12 August 2021
Quality excellent. Will recommend to friends.
00401 Tsunami - Color: 02000 black biocare
Richilda P. from LAFAYETTE wrote on 8 August 2021
Very well made. I purchased my first pair six years ago and still wear them on a regular basis.
00401 Tsunami - Color: 02150 taupe biocare
Natasha K. from PINNER wrote on 5 August 2021
Summer sandals that can be worn all the time but are also glamorous because they have a little wedge!
00650 Twinkle - Color: 02800 blue biocare
from wrote on 30 July 2021
Just received these and delighted with look and feel.
00650 Twinkle - Color: 02800 blue biocare
Diane L. from CRANSTON wrote on 28 July 2021
everyday wear...so far so good! for anyone who wants to be stylish and comfortable especially when travelling, the neutral color makes it easy.
00401 Tsunami - Color: 02150 taupe biocare
Maria D. from GREENSBORO wrote on 9 July 2021
I really love these shoes. They are casual and yet sexy. They are very comfortable and easy to walk in. I have two pairs and wish they came in more colors. They also wear well. The first pair I have is at least two years old and looks brand new.
03126 Arena - Color: 48150 taupe printed suede
Elizabeth A. from CAMBRIDGE wrote on 18 June 2021
The shoes look great. However I had had to return them as one had a fault in the heal which means the ankle strap does not sit correctly and is far too long. Very disappointed - and now my chosen colour and size have sold out!
02422 Magnetic - Color: 20800 bleu leather
Barbara H. from EDINBURGH wrote on 16 June 2021
Beautifully made sandals that I will wear every day . I have a high instep and wide feet and Wolky shoes fit me beautifully .
05350 Globe - Color: 13360 camel nubuck
Anne E. from SWANSEA wrote on 23 April 2021
Would recommend to anyone looking for quality, style and most importantly comfort.
03925 Lisse - Color: 11410 tobacco nubuck
Elizabeth D. from LYME REGIS wrote on 17 April 2021
Brilliant sandles chosen because it is possible to remove inner sole to insert orthotics. This is my third pair over several years. Comfortable and supportive for all purposes including longish distance walking. Very well made and long-lasting.
03925 Lisse - Color: 35000 black leather
Susan K. from ORPINGTON wrote on 3 October 2020
They fit very well and are not so wide as some of the other Wolkyshoes so look very neat. The sole is very flexible and the styling attractive. And I almost forgot! -they are also very comfortable and light.
02421 Electric - Color: 26070 black leather
Mary elizabeth D. from NASHVILLE wrote on 10 September 2020
No comment
03925 Lisse - Color: 35526 scarlet-red leather
Pat V. from BRADFORD-ON-AVON wrote on 11 August 2020
Very comfortable, right from the beginning
05350 Globe - Color: 13800 blue nubuck
Linda W. from LONDON wrote on 3 July 2020
Am in the process of sending another pair back - had to compare sizes . so far so good !
03925 Lisse - Color: 35735 velvet-green leather
Anne christine C. from MANNINGTREE wrote on 2 July 2020
Excellent quality. Other Wolky sandals bought about ten years ago still as good as new
03925 Lisse - Color: 35815 sky-blue leather
Lynn C. from BATH wrote on 17 June 2020
The sandals are well-made and have removable insoles, so I can insert orthotics. This is hard to find in sandals in the UK. THe heel bed is a bit wide for a woman, though. My only comfort complaint is that it where the velcro straps connect is irritating on the skin. Hopefully they will soften up over time so I can use the sandals on longer hill walks.
03925 Lisse - Color: 35000 black leather
Pauline S. from STOKE-ON-TRENT wrote on 10 May 2020
Blissfully comfortable and look great
02778 Stowe - Color: 30100 white leather
Mary A. from SHREWSBURY wrote on 25 April 2020
I expected the quality to be the same as for my previous pair of Wolky shoes, which are rationed on the wearing, as I did not expect to be able to get others in this Country. The ID 26558 would not be for wearing in country lanes, (too posh) but all the same very, very comfortable and I would recommend them to anyone who wears size 43 but likes to look comfortable, as well as smart and not too big to draw attention to the size of feet!
05902 Two - Color: 14206 light grey metallic camouflage stretch nubuck
Carol M. from VOLUNTOWN wrote on 25 April 2020
1. I am waiting for warmer weather to wear my new Wolkys. 2. I now own 3 pair's of wolkys. the fit is perfect. the quality is tops. 3. this is the 2nd time I have ordered for ***, with the same shipping problem.I paid *** order
03126 Arena - Color: 48150 taupe printed suede
John O. from COBH wrote on 14 April 2020
Would recommend the quality of the product
03925 Lisse - Color: 11410 tobacco nubuck
Robin O. from ENOSBURG FALLS wrote on 3 April 2020
Work related
07501 Skytree - Color: 20000 black leather
Susan C. from NEWTON STEWART wrote on 12 March 2020
SO comfy and soft.
05902 Two - Color: 10570 red-summer stretch nubuck
Susan C. from NEWTON STEWART wrote on 7 February 2020
These are SO comfy!
05902 Two - Color: 10206 light-grey stretch nubuck
Bonnie S. from BELFAST wrote on 7 August 2019
This is the FIRST pair of sandals that fit my orthotics, I am oh so pleased. They look beautiful as well as feel very comfortable.
03925 Lisse - Color: 35815 sky-blue leather
Mary H. from NEW ORLEANS wrote on 20 April 2019
Love the service! Love the shoes. This is a new style for me and they are the usual Wolky perfection going hand-in-glove with excellent delivery and service. I will order again long before these shoes wear out, if they ever do. I don't wear anything but Wolkys.
03925 Lisse - Color: 35735 velvet-green leather
Jacqueline N. from WINSCOMBE wrote on 19 April 2019
Provides excellent foot support, easy to wear, comfortable walking sandals!
03925 Lisse - Color: 35920 ochre yellow leather
Melinda E. from BATH wrote on 22 March 2019
Perfect for a narrow foot
03127 Bolena - Color: 11000 black nubuck
Lyn T. from PITLOCHRY wrote on 27 July 2018
The shoes look nice, an attractive style but there was a gap at the instep between the footbed and the side of the shoe and the edge of the footbed which dug into my foot. The fit was also overall too baggy. I have several pairs in a different style, sandal, which are a good fit, 42, so there may be a lack of consistency in sizing. I was disappointed to have t return magnetic.
02422 Magnetic - Color: 30500 red leather