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Therese J. from HAVANT wrote on 13 February 2018
I have only just started wearing them and as usual they fit like gloves. A lovely everyday ankle boot.
03813 Basky - Color: 50010 zwart geolied leer
Maureen L. from HEATHFIELD wrote on 5 January 2018
Well made shoes and boots for casual wear. Formal workwear designs are less good. Some sizing inconsistency means articles of the same size fit differently. I have had to return two pairs of ankle boots because the instep was far too low yet I have many pairs of Wolky shoes and boots without that problem arising.
08127 Pharos - Color: 40501 donkerrood suede
mrs Lynne M. from CHESHIRE wrote on 30 November 2017
I wear the boots every day. They are very comfortable. I wear orthotics so these are are ideal as they have removable insoles and are slightly wider. I have a pair of Wolky boots which I bought eight years ago and they still look smart when polished. These leather boots look almost identical which is why I chose them. If you want boots that look smart but are comfortable, these are perfect.
07821 Zircon - Color: 20000 zwart leer
Lisa A. from TUNBRIDGE WELLS wrote on 23 November 2017
As always well made product, comfortable from the minute you put them and hard wearing as I have had Wolky products from a number of years, and they are still in good order.
04512 Masala - Color: 40000 zwart geolied suede
Sue S. from WIRRAL wrote on 22 November 2017
very comfortable
00525 Gila - Color: 30000 zwart gepoetst leer
Lisa A. from TUNBRIDGE WELLS wrote on 12 October 2017
Good quality and as always very comfortable from the minute you put them on.
06293 Roll Point - Color: 11732 forest(groen) geolied nubuck
Sian L. from OSWESTRY wrote on 4 October 2017
Very comfortable True to size
08127 Pharos - Color: 40801 blauw suede
Efua O. from TWICKENHAM wrote on 31 July 2017
Very comfortable boots that will be great for trousers or dresses, quietly stylish, extremely well made and I just know that they'll become long time favourites
00529 Yarra - Color: 11002 zwart nubuck
Jennifer S. from CONSETT wrote on 1 June 2017
shoe was just a little bit narrower than another colourway I already had
08127 Pharos - Color: 40800 blauw suede
Julia J. from BORDON wrote on 14 March 2017
The ordering process was very easy, and the delivery was prompt. I am very pleased with my Wolky boots, they look good, and are very comfy, and very sturdy. I bought mine because a friend has a pair and recommended them.
00477 Tonala - Color: 50730 forest (groen) geolied leer
Susan H. from WESTON-SUPER-MARE wrote on 5 March 2017
Beautifully made. Smart casual boots. So comfortable.
04512 Masala - Color: 40820 denim geolied suede
Anne W. from SOUTHAMPTON wrote on 7 January 2017
Ok liked the style
08127 Pharos - Color: 40150 taupe suede
Lynne S. from SOUTHAMPTON wrote on 17 January 2016
Hugh quality product that looks very smart
07818 Glass - Color: 20150 taupe leer
Linda V. from STROUD wrote on 3 January 2016
LOVE them!! picked the wrong size in error at first, but re read your guidance and corrected to a bigger size. They are so comfortable.
06310 Havana - Color: 80920 oker leer
ms Vanessa M. from Exeter wrote on 2 December 2015
Returned as too big for me but a great product.
00477 Tonala - Color: 80430 cognac leer
Nance R. from Santa Monica wrote on 1 December 2015
Everyday boots not not as comfortable as previous pair of Erne. Very pretty style could be a bit more padded for easy walking .
03752 Mambo - Color: 20430 cognac leer
mrs Mary M. from Edinburgh wrote on 13 November 2015
The leather was not very soft & the boots were uncomfortable around the ankles. They were very scuffed looking, but I think that this is fashionable.
07740 Shields - Color: 80150 taupe leer
ms Christine A. from Aberdeen wrote on 10 November 2015
product returned - leather finish was not to my taste. The product has a Waxy finish to the leather - not easy to detect in the online photo.
00477 Tonala - Color: 80730 forest (groen) leer
Anne F. from STIRLING wrote on 8 August 2015
High quality product Perfect fit Combines style, comfort and robustness. Luxury for my feet!
00477 Tonala - Color: 80000 zwart leer
Yolanda V. from grand rapids wrote on 8 February 2015
loved the shoes...no breaking in needed. comfortable. would recommend
00559 Chico - Color: 80150 taupe leer