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Bunions (Hallux Valgus)

QUESTION: ''My big toe points in the direction of my other toes, causing a sensitive lump. Are there any special Wolky shoes for me?''

A. van Veenendaal, Hoorn


The medical term for such a misalignment of the big toe is Hallux Valgus or as we simply know it Bunions. A bunion is where the big toe points in the direction of all the other toes and may force the toe bone to stick outwards. The forefoot will then become wider than before causing shoes to pinch. This condition is common, especially in woman (90%). The cause may also be hereditary, but more often than not it is caused by wearing too narrow, pointy or tight shoes for long periods of time. Slowly but surely the condition worsens whereby the big toe is pushed more and more over towards the other toes. The bunion’s pain will become fiercer to the point whereby you will have to seek medical attention from either a podiatrist or foot surgeon. Don’t let this go to this extent!


Start by wearing different shoes, at least for most part of the day. Wolky has a fantastic range with plenty of choice for your taste! Shoes made of soft, supple leather with a sturdy, flexible outsole is what you are looking for. We recommend that the shoes have a wider nose, which offers enough space around the toe area especially stopping that pinching around the bunion. Try and avoid shoes which have seams and stitching around this area as this can cause further irritation to an already sensitive part. Due to this ‘lump’ you may find that shoes may not close properly, so a higher closing is recommended. Avoid high heeled shoes as much as you can, however beautiful they are. They put extra pressure on the forefoot. Pumps with high heels are not only painful, but they will also aggravate the condition, whilst the right Wolky do the reverse and will make walking less painful. 


  1. Should the condition have progressed too far, and wearing your Wolky’s alone do not reduce the pain, then a special corrective sole or bunion sleeve made by a podiatrist may relieve the pain more.
  2. There are also special protective bandages available which relieve and protect at the same time.

For the summer we recommend these shoes:

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For the winter these shoes:

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