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Wolkyshop Blog

We are happy to give you all tips on healthy feet, trends and styles and maintenance of your shoes.
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Lovely feet

Need tips to take care of your feet? Wolkyshop has them!

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Blog maternity and high heels

As far as we are concerned, the high heels would probably be better left in the wardrobe.


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From the bottom up


Design and materials are what make Wolky soles exclusive.

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Cleaning white shoes (soles)


When you buy white shoes they are beautiful and white, but often not for long. How do you ensure that they will continue to look brand new?

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Comfy shoes for cold feet

Winter is coming and it's getting colder! Durable shoes in this cold weather are a necessity! 

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Maintenance and cleaning tips for the Winter season

During the Winter your shoes (like you) have a lot to put up with. Not only will the cold affect your shoes but also rain, snow, hail and (especially if you live on the coast like me) salty sea spray can smudge and blemish your beautiful shoes. In this blog you can read everything about maintaining and cleaning your Wolkys during the Winter.

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Shoe buying advice

For the last 25 years Wolky has stood for high quality, well made, great fitting shoes. 
Thanks to the removable, anatomically shaped insoles, quality materials and perfect fit, these wonderfully comfortable shoes are definitely made for walking!

Even though Wolky shoes are great, every foot is still unique and buying new shoes is very personal. 


QUESTION: “There are plenty of maternity clothes for expectant mothers. But is there such a thing as ‘maternity shoes’?”
BL. Veenendaal, Amsterdam

Perspering feet

QUESTION: "What can I do about perspiring feet?"

F. de Bruijn, Amsterdam



Question: “I often suffer from blisters, even on short walks. Why?”

B. Janssen, Zwolle


QUESTION: I am a diabetic. What should I pay attention to when buying shoes?
B. Wals, Landsmeer

Heel spur

QUESTION: ''What are the best shoes for me to wear now that I am suffering from heel spurs?''

A. de Vries, Heerenveen

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Ingrown toenail

QUESTION: ''I have an ingrowing toenail. What should I pay attention to when buying shoes?''

C. Scott, Arnhem

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Bunions (hallux valgus)

QUESTION: ''My big toe points in the direction of my other toes, causing a sensitive lump. Are there any special Wolky shoes for me?''

A. van Veenendaal, Hoorn

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