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Wolky's Odd Sized Shoe Programme; the solution for odd sized feet!

Some of us have odd sized feet. Often the size difference is less than half a size. But for some the size difference can be bigger than one size. People with odd sized feet are often forced to buy two pairs of shoes.

Wasteful, say Wolky and Wolkyshop, and that’s why we’ve launched a new service: The Odd Sized Shoe Programme.

What does it mean to have odd sized feet? Always having to buy 2 pairs of the same shoe style to accommodate your size 38 (EU) foot and your size 41 (EU) foot. Wolky has the perfect solution with the Odd Sized Shoe Programme allowing you to buy just the 1 pair of shoes.

The cost for this special custom made service is $31.99 per pair of shoes. Due to the process of this special custom service the shoes will be manufactured from the same piece of leather ensuring color match as you would expect with same sized shoes.

Insoles are also available through the odd pair program. This way you can order your insoles in the right size. For this service we charge $5,- per pair. 

Highlighted below are the styles which are available in the Odd Sized Shoe Programme.

hw20 Onpaar-modellenClick on the image to enlarge
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Highlighted below are the insoles which are available in the Odd Sized Shoe Programme.

You can order these insoles in the odd sized shoe programme:
Tulip Inlays (Cork)   For $35,99 ($30,99 + $5,-)
 Roll Inlays lady For $26,99 ($21,99 + $5,-) 
 Roll Inlays men For $29,99 ($24,99 + $5,-)
 Pure Inlays For $29,99 ($24,99 + $5,-) 
 Cold Winter Inlays  For $26,99 ($21,99 + $5,-) 
If you want to order the insoles, please send an e-mail to info@wolkyshop.com. Please tell us which insoles you want, the left and right size and your address. We will send you an e-mail to confirm your order.