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Cold Winter

close up cold winter Wilton7628 Wilton WP

Wolky has shoes for sale with the option to buy them in their so-called Cold Winter edition. These shoes have a special lining that is made of durable and comfortable materials that keep your feet refreshingly cool in summer and snuggly warm in winter.

All the materials we use are breathable to allow fresh air into the shoe and to keep moisture out. Our linings are wear-resistant and quick-drying, they absorb perspiration from the feet and they are soft and shock-absorbing for extra comfort.

Take a look for example at the 6262 Roll Shoot CW, the 4729 Cross CW and the 1684 Louise CW. The 1569 Hera CW, the 7628 Wilton CW and the  0566 Novo CW. Or the 6277 Roll-Jacky CW, the 0567 Blanco CW and the  4270 Shelby CW.

Click here for an overview of all of our Cold Winter shoes.


CW-Aangepast-6262-Roll-Shoot6262 Roll- Shoot CW-Aangepast-4729-Cross-smog4729 Cross CW CW-Aangepast-1684-Louise1684 Louise CW
CW-Aangepast--7628-Wilton7628 Wilton WP CW-Aangepast-1569-Hera-Zwart1569 Hera CW CW-Aangepast-0566-Novo-Ocre0566 Novo CW
CW-Aangepast--6277-Roll-jacky6277 Roll-Jacky CW CW-Aangepast-0567-Blanco-Ocre0567 Blanco CW CW-Aangepast-4270-Shelby4270 Shelby CW